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Do you guys notice Elena’s left hand in this scene? That one little motion of Elena’s hand, that ONE TINY THING is the very heart and soul of why I love Stefan and Elena’s relationship and why they are one of the healthiest pairings I have ever seen in my life. Why they break the mold of normal flighty Twilight teenage love. Elena’s left hand exhibits the strength and maturity of Stefan and Elena’s relationship in such a slight and subtle way. SHE’S NOT LOOKING BACK. When Damon was telling Stefan to calm Elena down, Elena never ONCE looked BACK at Stefan. She KNEW. She already knew he would come to her side. She already knew he would be there. She doesn’t tell him to stop. She doesn’t look at him. She sends her hand flying backwards, and she just waves at him. And never looks back. She KNEW that by that one little wave of her hand that Stefan would never try to stop her. In that little tiny motion of Elena’s hand, she is saying “Stefan, I can do this.” And do you know what Stefan did? He respected that one little wave of her hand. He stood beside her the whole time, letting her say what she needed to, letting her get her anger our, letting her cry, LETTING HER STAND UP FOR HERSELF AND HER FRIENDS. He wasn’t her knight in shining armor who wanted to whisk her away and just fix everything for her. Stefan let’s Elena be her own knight in shining armor and he is her partner who stands beside her the whole time in case the knight needs a little help. The RESPECT in Stefan and Elena’s relationship… it’s marvelous. I don’t ship them, but their relationship never fails to leave me in awe.

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hi jess yee ! haha

  1. I’m not a girly - girl type , i like jeans more than dress.
  2. me and my cousin’s all time favorite tagalog young love based story is “Baby Love” , classic !
  3. Zanjoe Marudo is really hot & SLATER IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!
  4. I’m Bisaya, yey !
  5. To be honest I don’t really watch tv anymore haha , & even though ang gwapo ni DJ , 2 episodes lang nakita ko sa Princess & I.
  6. Maging Sino Ka Man is my all time favorite teleserye & I think Tabing Ilog & Lets Go are the best youth oriented show on Phil. Tv
  7. Although I’m the biggest Anne Curtis fan , I never met her in person. I suck
  8. I’m an introvert & I like staying home and watching my movies & my tv series. 
  9. I listen to Coldplay , The Killers , Death Cab for Cutie , Keane , The Fray , One Republic , Dashboard C , Simple Plan & others bands that made sense in the world 
  10. Currently Hooked on a Kdrama called “BIG”
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That awkward moment when…

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Curse of the Fandoms

  • Doctor Who Fandom Curse: Knowing that at some point your Doctor will have to regenerate.
  • Supernatural Fandom Curse: Knowing that your Series will end.... and soon.
  • Avengers Fandom Curse: Knowing that Joss Whedon will likely kill a favorite character.
  • Twilight Fandom Curse: Knowing that you will never win a fight against another fandom.... ever.
  • Harry Potter Fandom Curse: Knowing that it will never be as good as the first time around.
  • Sherlock Fandom Curse: Knowing that after waiting forever you will probably only get three more episodes with a cliff hanger even worse than the previous one.
  • Glee Fandom Curse: The show
  • LOTR Fandom Curse: Lying abandoned and forgotten in a dark pit of Tumblr while waiting ten years for The Hobbit.
  • Hunger Games Fandom Curse: Knowing that your favorite character will either die, go insane, or never be seen again
  • Game of Thrones Fandom Curse: Knowing that every one will die. That's it. Everyone dies.
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erwan heussaff and anne curtis . erwan so cute asdfghjkdsfsdk.

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Bea Soriano , so pretty.